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Advantages of writing a guest post

Write for us, guest post submission

Even if you are just a beginner at writing, a content creator or a blogger, writing for various publications have certain advantages. Some of them are explained below:

  • Improve your online portfolio

By guest blogging, you can improve and build your own online portfolio. You can add writings of various niches and on different platforms. The more guest posts that you contribute in, your portfolio increases which will act as a CV to represent your skill.

  • Promote your work on social media

Whenever you share your article on another website, it redirects all the users onto your website and in the end, onto your social media. You can mention all your profiles in the article and link it so that people can connect with you.

  • Improve your writing skills

The best way to be a better writer is to write as much you want. The more you write and practice your skill you will be improved more. Not only that, with each piece you will get a certain level of experience which will benefit you a lot.

  • Increase website traffic

When your article link appears on another website and people click it, they will be directed on your page. In this way, more users will land on your website. As a result, the traffic of your website will improve drastically and will benefit you.

  • Be more exposed to different employers

When you have a public portfolio in the form of guest posts, it gives anyone the access to read it. It gives an opportunity to many editors and employers out there who might like your work and appreciate it.

Writing a Well-formatted Blog Piece

Now that you have decided to write a guest post, you must know the actionable tips to make your piece stand out from the rest. Sure, you might think writing such a piece will be easy. And so, it really is if you follow  the following tips:

  1. Evolve your writing style with time. Every writer has a typical style of writing, but a good writer is the one who keeps on growing and moving on. With time, you need to improve your tone, grammar, and vocabulary. If you use the same style and format, your readers are going to be bored very soon. Be creative with your ideas and write on unique niches and topics. Challenge yourself to work harder.

2. Do not write on topics that happened in the past. When you write on recent scenes and viral content, it allows your readers to engage and connect more with you.

3. Use attention-grabbing title and content. The title should not be straightforward. Add elements which will make the reader curious and want to open the link and find out. The content inside should also be worthy to read and engaging. Your readers should feel like they want to read everything.

4. The tone and attitude of the conversation matter a lot. People do not prefer rigid writers. They see vulnerability and they will connect to it. So, open up and be warm so that you can connect with people more.

5. When you write a technology related article, you might need to add some numerical data and statistics. Make sure and double check that everything is authentic.

6. Do not copy style, format, and content from any other author. Do not plagiarise and come up with honest and original concepts.

7. Use keywords to your benefit. The more relevant keywords you add, the more it will come up in the search engine results.

8. Spend time on formatting. Usually, we keep it to the last hours and sometimes even skip it. If the font size is irregular and not properly aligned, it will draw the attention out. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and start new.

9. Support your article with videos and pictures where needed. However, do not overload it with just images or it will become difficult to focus on any text or data.

10. Properly proof-read your article before you submit it. It should not have any grammatical or spelling errors. Use to check it. Also, check for plagiarism and make sure it is 0%. Do final proofreading or ask someone else to do so.

Guidelines to Write for Us

On, we welcome article writers and content creator to select any niche and write your heart out. We have 4 options mainly, Health, home decor, technology, and lifestyle. We prefer original articles with good quality, and relevant images. Before you Write for us, here are a few things to know:

  1. We allow original content only. Please do not copy, plagiarise or use any other article as your own.
  2. We like a colorful article with pictures only where required – please use a suitable format and make sure the quality is high.
  3. Please properly format your articles. Use a similar font size and spacing, use titles and numbers where required. Avoid long paragraphs.
  4. Proof-read your articles before submitting. If the article is not proper, has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes then we will not accept it. Use words as described by the word count.
  5. To submit your article to us, please share in Google Docs or Microsoft word format on As soon as you submit our editors will take a detailed look at it and review it. You will be asked to make any changes where required. When approved, your article will go live on our website.