When you Buy a Domain: What Not to do

buy a domain

You want your business name to make a good impression on your customers because that is the first thing they notice about your brand. When you succeed in this endeavor then you are likely to see a surge of customers coming your way and this can boost your business in the right way. However, the decision to buy a domain is something that should be taken seriously and there are some factors that you need to avoid. Here are some of the things that you should avoid doing when you are buying a domain read more details

  • You want the best for your business then why settle with less? The problem of many businesses is they think that if something is alright they should stick with it. This is absolutely wrong. You want to make an impact and you want to make sure that the domain you choose is the best.
buy a domain
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  • You need to keep your competition in mind when you are thinking of domain names. This is especially true when you are competing with businesses that are already popular and established. You should ask others about how the domain name sounds before you use it for your business and then choose accordingly.
  • You might want to name your business and then search to buy a domain. But this is the wrong approach because you might not find the domain name of your choice. Instead, you should check the domain name, buy it, and then name your business afterward to avoid any misunderstanding.  
  • You should aim to get a .com instead of other extensions for your business. However, if your business operations are mainly in one country then you can opt for .in or .ca depending on the region. There are exceptions of course because if you are a non-profit organization then you should use .org.
  • Complicated names are a strict no-no because when you choose a name that is difficult, it is less likely to stick to people’s minds. Moreover, it can be difficult for people to pronounce and this can impact your business. Complicated names that are difficult to spell are also something to avoid because people can misspell and land on other websites rather than yours.
  • Many businesses restrict their thinking when they buy a domain. When you are doing that you need to remember that you are going to expand in the future and think accordingly. Hence, focusing on one niche and buying a domain that of that is naïve. Instead, think about the future first and then decide.
buy a domain

Thinking about future expansion is vital for buying the right domain.

  • You should search for trademark issues in advance before you make up your mind about buying a domain. Legally, you cannot get a domain name that is conflicting with a trademark. If you do then you will land in big trouble and will end up paying fines among other problems.
  • Remember that there are chances that the domain name that you came up with is already in use by someone else. Instead of getting disheartened, you can do something about it. You can contact the owner and then check with them whether they are willing to sell you the domain.
  • Domains are many but you might be hell-bent on a particular one. However, instead of that, you should take your chance and look for other domain names that might be better. This has happened to many businesses before they choose to buy a domain. You should know that there are many domain names out there that you can still choose.
  • Your business can go global and if that is part of your plan then you want to make sure that you are choosing the right name. You should check whether the business name you have chosen means something else in another language. This can impact your business and so you want to check the meaning before you buy the domain.
  • You want to establish an online presence because that is becoming more necessary than ever before when so many people are connected online. Many businesses that were once offline are now quite popular and so creating a quality website with the right domain name can make a huge difference to your business altogether.

When you are serious about your business, you should be serious when you buy a domain as well. Steering clear from the mistakes discussed above will ensure you create a brand that will stand the test of time and this will enable your business to grow in the future while driving business. If you are having trouble with taking the first step then you can check Shopify which has numerous tools for building your brand. You can create a business name, create an online presence, and start selling.

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