WeeWorld – All You Need To Know About WeeWorld


WeeWorld was created and came into being in 2002. The website of WeeWorld was specially created for the purpose of online gaming. The website had also offered the messaging service to its users. This was created by the collaboration of several companies that are widespread in different parts of the world like London, Boston, USA etc.

The website of the WeeWorld is just like any other social networking site. Their targeted users were teenagers. In this article, I will be explaining briefly about WeeWorld and I will also discuss weeMee that how they were created and how the WeeWorld became so popular.

What Is WeeWorld?


A well-known website; WeeWorld is basically a social networking website. It is used for instant messaging. Mostly teenagers are its users.  The website is famous and well known for its fast and easy messaging service that it provides to its users.

It has a chat based avatars that are specifically called as WeeMees. So this social networking website is really famous and popular because of these WeeMees.  The WeeMees are introduced on various digital platforms and services. Roundabout 180 millions of WeeMees were created and introduced but unfortunately, the site was then shut down.

What Are WeeMees?

As WeeWorld is a virtual world. The targeted users demographic of WeeWorld were teenagers because teenagers love the virtual world. So by keeping their use and interest in mind, the WeeMees were introduced.

WeeMees are basically the two-dimensional (2D) cartoons avatars that were issued for the WeeWorld users when they joined the community for the very first time. A user has the privilege either to use it for free or to buy it.

Some users purchase these virtual goods for their avatars in accordance to their interests such as clothing accessories, food, drinking stuff, playing etc. the purpose of these virtual goods is to reflect the pop culture and the trends regarding fashions of celebrity.

Why Was WeeWorld Shut Down?

Unexpectedly, the WeeWorld was shut down on May 11, 2017. Users were no longer being able to use WeeWorld. All the users were disconnected from this social networking site. The information about WeeWorld was completely removed and the company has removed itself from the people. Then they sold the WeeWorld to the owners of the WeeWorld and the owners were left with the only option that was to shut it down.

User’s Review Over The Shut Down Of Weeworld

When the website of WeeWorld was shut down, its users got really disappointed and sad. People made their close friends on this social networking site and with the shutdown of this site; all friends were disconnected by each other. It was an only fun place for the teenagers where they could hang out and spend some quality time with their online friends.  For a few teenagers, it was a major best part of their childhood. The bringing back of WeeWorld is really very important because, for some people, it was a second life and for some, it was a virtual world for them which were full of fun, happiness, and joy. People who used this really miss this and would love if the WeeWorld comes back.

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