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5 Awesome Ways to Hide Eyesore Household Items

household items

Everyone likes having a comfortable home with cute accents and cohesive colors. But the devil’s in the details. Even the slightest incoherence can be frustrating, especially after investing so much time, effort, and money into household items and making your home spotless. 

Having a tidy and stylish home will lead to a happier mindset. Mess also harms mental well-being. That’s why sometimes you will want to hide annoying household items such as cables, routers, or vents. Here are a few ways to do it.

Use a Stylish Basket to Hide Cables

household items
Image Source: unsplash.com

Everyone knows that cables are very annoying. They get tangled, people trip on them, and they just don’t look nice. What’s even worse, almost every electronic device comes with a long cord. So, when you combine the cables from your router, TV set, lamps, and extension cords, you’re left with a huge, unpleasant-looking mess. 

There are a couple of cute ways to conceal these cables. One of such method is purchasing a basket that is cohesive with your interior design, drill a hole on one side, and put all the wires inside. You can find a wide variety of affordable baskets with different prints, colors, and designs, to ensure that it complements the décor. You can use multiple baskets throughout the house as well and never think about tripping on a cable again.

Use a Lovely Box or a Book Cover to Hide Your Router

household items
Image Source: unsplash.com

Nowadays, every household has at least one router sitting around. But routers are usually bulky, unappealing, plastic boxes that always stand out and don’t look attractive. 

There are two exciting ways to hide the router while enhancing your home décor. You can buy a stylish box and place your router inside. Boxes are usually under $10 and come in various prints, shapes, and designs. On the other hand, you can also find an old book, remove the pages, and place your router inside. That way, you hide the router while adding a lovely accent to your home. 

Speaking of routers, before hiding it in plain sight, don’t forget to set up a VPN on your router to keep your internet connection secure. You can always get a free VPN trial to ensure that the solution is suitable for your needs.

Replace Ugly Plastic Soap Dispensers with Beautiful Glass Dispenser

Plastic soap, shampoo, and shower gel packaging are ugly, and not eco-friendly at all. It usually stands out and is rarely cohesive with other cute accents you have in your bathroom. Buying a glass dispenser is the perfect solution. And it combines the best of both worlds – eco-friendliness and attractiveness. 

If you buy a foaming soap dispenser, you can also save some money. They dose less soap than usual dispensers. There are a lot of affordable luxurious designs, so why not try it out?

Buy a Decorative Cover for Your Vents

Vents are an integral part of every home. But regardless of their handiness, you can’t deny that they look awful. They collect dust, and they usually come in a bright white color that turns yellow throughout time. In general, they are also pretty noticeable. 

Luckily, you can find a fantastic ornamental cover for your vent. What’s even better, these covers are pretty affordable – you can find cute covers for under $15. Plus, you can choose between various colors and designs – art deco, modern, artistic, etc.

Use Rugs, Pillows, or Blankets to Hide Floor and Couch Damages

Image Source: pexels.com

Floors and couches are among the most often damaged things because they are used daily. Moreover, if you have pets or children, they often scratch them or spill stuff everywhere. 

If your couch or floors have some damaged areas, you can always use a decorative rug, blanket, or a pillow to conceal it. Come on, who doesn’t like cute mats and a bunch of comfy pillows lying around the house? Your home will be a masterpiece, and they will protect the household items from further damage.

Get Creative

You can apply these tips to many other objects throughout your home. They are affordable and will make your place cozier and more appealing. You can also DIY most of the projects from this list. So, sometimes, you don’t have to spend a single dime at all. 

Creativity is infinite, so don’t limit yourself to only these tips. Evoke your inner artist and think of other fresh ways to hide annoying stuff around the house. Good luck decorating!

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