How to Watch Videos That Are Blocked in Your Region


Have you ever had the itch to watch something specific, just to end up disappointed when it is blocked in your area? 

Streaming services around the world, including YouTube and Netflix, all have geo-restricted content. It means that some media is blocked for streaming in some countries due to licensing agreements. It can be a major headache for some users.

No need to give up your hope, though. There are ways around all these streaming restrictions. As long as you have enough skills to run basic programs on your device, you can get past the geo-restrictions in no time. Below are the best methods to accomplish this.


VPNs are becoming a lot more popular due to the significant uptake in online privacy concerns. But a virtual private network can do more than keep your personal information safe. It can also help you stream restricted content. Since a service like NordVPN masks your IP address, they can make it look like you are anywhere you want.

Depending on the service you choose to subscribe to, you can connect to a VPN server in another location. For instance, if you live in the UK and encounter a geo-block, you can connect to a server in the US. Any website or service you visit from that moment forward will assume you’re connecting from the US.



If you struggle to access some Youtube videos or even general websites, Lantern is a tool that can help. At its basics, Lantern works as a connection between people who have unrestricted internet, and those who don’t. Users with no restrictions offer up their bandwidth for Lantern to give to restricted users.

This way of accessing geo-restricted content is not going to be completely safe and anonymous for everyone who uses it. A lot of it depends on where you live and the types of restrictions you face. It is a decent option, but there’s no guarantee it will work for everyone.


For many years, the general public didn’t know this web browser existed. There are rumors the CIA created Tor, people use it for illegal activities only, and all kinds of other misconceptions. The truth is that Tor is the most anonymous internet browser in the world.

The Tor browser is based on an old Mozilla Firefox design, so it is going to be familiar for most people. It takes one’s connection to the website through a series of nodes. In other words, your connection jumps from one volunteer-run device to another, covering your tracks. No one can trace it back to you.

But remember that with security and anonymity, your connection speeds are going to pay a toll. If you are adding a VPN on top of it (which is an excellent idea), expect things to get slower.



This next option takes some knowledge and a bit of work. With a proxy server, you are using a different IP address as a middleman of sorts when connecting to any website. 

Like a VPN, proxy masks your real IP address. But it doesn’t encrypt your traffic, so it’s a less secure yet often a faster option. There are free options available, as well as premium ones. And you may need to run through some tutorials to get things right.


Another option for people who struggle to get around geo-restricted streaming is not to stream at all. There are many apps and websites available that will allow you to download videos from services like YouTube. By downloading the video, you bypass the streaming restrictions altogether. But do make sure to use a well-reviewed program.

Access For Everyone

Wherever you go in the world, you can face restrictions on just about everything, and this includes the media. Sometimes you have videos blocked due to licensing deals with individual countries and services. And other times, government censorship is to blame. But if you want to access the newest season of your favorite show, no restriction is going to stop you.

Make sure to look into some of the options presented above. Your choice is most likely going to depend on your location and the type of blocks you are dealing with. Using a virtual private network is the easiest and safest option, but decent VPNs are not free. So, consider all the options and choose the one that suits you best.

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