All You Need To Know About Tyler1 Girlfriend

All You Need To Know About Tyler1 Girlfriend

About Tyler1

Tyler Steinkamp is commonly known as Tyler1. Tyler is an American internet personality. He is one of the most famous League of Legend personalities online. He has a Twitch account on which he has about 2 million subscribers. Tyler is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend named Macaiyla.

Tyler’s Early Education

Tyler was born on 6th of March in 1995. He was born in The United States and grew up in Missouri. Tyler went to Mark Twain Senior School and then later continued his studies in the Central Methodist University known as the CMU from where he did his gradation in the field of Computer Science. 

Tyler’s Interests

Tyler has been playing video games since a very young age. Not much is known about his family members except for his brother named Eric who also loved and used to play video games. He was also included in the League of Legends game. 

Tyler also played football for his campus team in the years 2014 and 2015. He was said to be a brilliant player. His team mates used to call him by a nickname which was ‘Waterbug’ which is a common name for ‘a running back’ which he was playing in the team. Even after being a good player, he wanted to pursue his career in video games and thus left the football team in 2015. 

Tyler’s Career

Tyler’s Career

Tyler started playing in the League of Legends from a very young age and had taken this as a serious path of career. He is no doubt one of the most talented players in the world. He was ranked as the 13th ranked player in League of Legends. Although Tyler had an amazing talent, he wasn’t really a team player in his life. 

He would often get mad and pretty abusive whilst playing his game. This shows how enthusiastic he was for his game but this was also against the rules of the game.

He once got banned when he was playing under the title ‘Draven’ in the League of Legends. And as much as we already know Tyler, he was not at all ready to leave things this way. This left him no choice but to again make another account and play under that title. Tyler was said to be verbally abusive to his team as well as the opponents whilst playing the game, he was also said to be practicing player harassment, intentional feeding and account buying and sharing. 

Tyler was popular for betraying his own team for the sake of his ego. He was named to be The Most Toxic Player in North America. As a result of all this chaos, Tyler’s account was banned from League of Legends. But on the other hand, Tyler would never give up. It is reported that Tyler made around 8 to 9 accounts on League of Legends and got banned every time due to his abusive and obnoxious behavior. 

Tyler made a record of 22 banned accounts on League of Legends. On 30th of April 2016, Tyler was said to be permanently banned. This indicated that if Tyler is found to be playing on this particular platform in the future, he will be banned again and his account will be suspended. His account will be suspended regardless any bad behavior from his account. No matter if he had done any offense or not, if it is found that Tyler has been using that account, it’ll get banned. This is said to be Ban On Sight

After his ban of 600 days, Tyler was again given a chance to play. He was on a probation of 6 months which means that if he played clean, he would get his original account for the League of Legends back. He made a tremendous return! 

About Macaiyla

Macaiyla is a 21 year old woman who was born in New York City. She grew up in a Colonie in Albany, New York City. Macaiyla is said to be around 5 feet 6 inch tall. According to a source, her father was Panamanian descent and her grandmother was Irish, so Macaiyla is part Irish. 

Macaiyla isn’t reported to be studying anywhere right now but she did study criminal justice for about 6 months but unfortunately, she dropped out since she was taking a lot of online courses and it was a lot for her to take in. Macaiyla is concentrating on her career right now but will be soon starting her studies. Although her mom isn’t too happy about it and she just wants her to come back and start her studies. 

Macaiyla’s Channels

Macaiyla is a YouTube star. She posted her first video on YouTube on 6th of November 2012 which got 197 thousand views. Macaiyla recently posted a video on her YouTube giving a tour of her house which she shares with her boyfriend, Tyler. 

Macaiyla is very active on Instagram as well. She has over 56.9k followers on Instagram. She keeps posting her pictures in bikinis trying to flaunt her perfect body since she wants to become a fitness model in the near future. She hopes she could be a part of commercial modeling as well and believes that she has the perfect body and a suitable face for modeling, which is true. 

Macaiyla is a big fitness freak. It is reported that she goes to gym every day and keeps her fans and followers updated of her gym routine by posting videos and pictures of her work out every single day. She has been a fitness inspiration to a lot of people and she wants to keep inspiring people like this. 

Macaiyla’s Relationship With Tyler

Macaiyla’s sensual relationship with Tyler has brought her to the spot light. Macaiyla and Tyler has been in a loving but also weird relationship. They both have been spotted fighting several times. Tyler accidently revealed Macaiyla’s nudes once and that wasn’t in their favor as they had a huge fight over this but they fortunately get over their differences after some time. 

Macaiyla and Tyler met each other online whilst Macaiyla was with some of her friends. They immediately showed interest in each other and decided to meet up physically. It was amazing how they both just clicked. They grew closer and Macaiyla has now movie to Missouri just for the sake of living with her boyfriend. They live together now with three cats named Theo, Nelson and Emmitt. 

Macaiyla’s Social Media Presence

Macaiyla has been on several social media platforms and has been pretty active since day 1. She has been posting videos and picture on social media showing off her cute body features in hope to get a good chance in modeling. Her relationship with Tyler gave her more attention in social media and thus increasing her subscribers and followers like crazy. 

Macaiyla is also on Twitter and Twitch. Although she has been caught misbehaving and being rude and abusive to some of the hateful comments she gets on social media. This was the reason her Twitter as well as her Twitch account was suspended as people have been reporting her hateful and defensive replies on the comments. She never lets a hateful comment go by without her reply. Macaiyla is pretty defensive and doesn’t bear any unreasoned hate and abusive comments. 

In May 2018, Macaiyla’s account from Twitter was finally unbanned. She was excited and posted her first tweet about the fact that her Twitter account got unbanned after two years. 

Macaiyla’s Twitch account got banned a few days ago for accidently showing off nudity. She has first suspended from Twitch for 3 days but then her suspension was cut off for 24 hours. 

Macaiyla’s Interests

According to some people and their posts, Macaiyla was said to be bi-sexual. Although, after when this was out in the public, she posted on her accounts saying that she was straight and being with a woman is just blehh for her. Although she did admit that she has nothing against bi-sexual people and gays but she herself would never prefer being with a girl. 

She confirmed her sexual identity to people who had been chattering about her interests wrongly. 

Macaiyla’s Dreams And Ambitions. 

Macaiyla just recently made it public that her dream job is to either be a singer or an actress. She claims that nothing would make her happier than having a good and successful career in acting or singing. She also claimed that she is crazy about kids, she wants to have around 3 to 5 kids in future. 

She also wants to have her own spa and desires to become one of the top estheticians in New York City. According to some sources, it is her dream to live in New York City or Bali.

It is reported that Macaiyla likes to read, write, do snowboarding, skateboard and ride bikes in her free time. She also has an interest in swimming, singing and doing photography.

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