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How to Test Soil pH Without a Tester


Ph stands for potential hydrogen. We use ph in order to measure the number of ions that are present in a substance. The ph of soil is so much important because it plays a role in the nourishment of your plants.

As we know that the ph of soil is always checked by a ph meter or ph paper. But in this article, I will let the readers know about that how can they test a soil ph without using ph tester.

It is not at all a complicated task, things required to test a soil ph without ph tester are almost present in everybody’s home because we use those things on daily basis in our kitchen.

Here I am explaining the way by which you can test a soil ph without a soil ph tester. So keep up reading in order

Ways For Testing A Soil ph Without A Soil pH Tester

Following are some ways by which you can test a soil ph without ph tester:

An Easy Way To Check A Soil pH Is By Using Baking Soda And Vinegar

This method is the easiest one and these two things are found almost in every kitchen.  With these two materials, two main functions are performed. Vinegar is used for testing alkalinity. And baking soda is used for testing its acidity.

When you perform testing of a soil ph by these two materials, at the end you will come up with the conclusion that what is an actual nature of your soil this moment.

You Can Check The Soil Ph By Using Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is a common vegetable that we eat. The red cabbage contains an element named as anthocyanin.  It is an excellent phenomenon in order to check the level of a soil ph.

As using baking soda and vinegar shows you the nature of the soil. So when you use red cabbage for testing soil, it shows you the ph level of your soil by changing its color.

Advantages Of Testing A Soil Ph Without Soil Ph Tester

Testing a soil ph without a soil ph tester helps your plants growing in an even better way. It makes your plants more efficient so that they will absorb more and more nutrients from the soil.

It checks and examines in an efficient way that up to which extent; the nutrients are available to your plants.

When your plants absorb more nutrients from the soil so that your plants will become healthier.


So from the above-given explanation, it is cleared that testing a soil ph without a soil ph tester is also possible and is also really beneficial for your plants as well. These two methods will help you to know about the nature of your soil that it is acidic, alkaline or neutral same in the way as it shows the nature of soil with soil ph tester.

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