How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks With The Shock Diet Plan

shock diet planning

A shock diet is a type of diet in which a person who diets can lose up to 25 pounds weight within just 2 weeks. It is considered as the best aid in your weight loss. This diet contains too fewer calories. This must be done by an individual once a year. But do consult with your doctor before doing this diet.

This shock diet is not much expensive. It’s quite affordable and reasonable. The diet will only work when you will properly schedule your two weeks diet plan. While doing this diet, you must be taking care of yourself I you are already suffering from some serious health problem.

In this article, I will be showing you that how does this shock diet works and what you actually have to do for doing this shock diet and what do you need for doing this diet. So keep up reading.

What Is Shock Diet?

It is also called as ‘13 day diet’. It helps in reducing your weight by the way of metabolism. Shock diet increases your metabolic rate and thus with the help of metabolism, it burns out your fats and calories.

You will have to maintain your diet after finishing the time span of these two weeks. It demands a proper meal plan that lacks calories.

Rules To Be Followed

shock diet planning
  • The first ever you should follow is that never cheat.  Because it is too obvious that you are just cheating yourself and wasting your time and money.
  • The second rule is that avoid soft drinks or alcoholic drinks during this shock diet.
  • For adding flavors to your food, add herbs to your meat or vegetables for the nice yummy flavor and taste.
  • Make use of the cold or warm ingredients in a proper stated amount.
  • Try to schedule your 2 weeks in a proper manner.
  • Get proper and right support.
  • Even if you are starving for food try to avoid the food that is full of calories.
  • Be consistent and stick to your diet by following every single thing involved in the two-week diet plan.

How Does Shock Diet work?

The person who does shock diet loses up to 25 pounds in just 13 days. But the question might arise in the reader’s mind that how does this loss of weight occurs. So let me answer you. This loss of weight occurs due to the restrictions applied to yourself for not taking food full of calories most especially in the start days of your diet.

This diet is followed just in weekdays, you are free to eat like usual on weekend but still, you are not allowed to take alcoholic drinks. So the working of this diet occurs only in the weekdays.

Side Effects Of Shock Diet:

Apart from its benefit of the rapid decrease in weight loss, there are also some side effects of doing shock diet that is mentioned below:

1. Dehydration.

2. The problem arises in your sugar level.

3. Muscle Breakdown.

4. Mental problems.


From the above explanation, it is concluded that the shocking diet is an effective diet that rapidly reduces your body weight. This diet is too easy to be followed but also has some side effects. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before doing this diet.

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