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Don’t we all enjoy watching HD movies for free in the safety of our homes? If you’re a real video fan and you want to share torrents, then you’ll be aware of the various torrent pages. There is no doubt that SevenTorrents is one of the top torrent sites. In the past decade, SevenTorrents has catered to more than 40 million registered users. The vast archive of both classic and modern Seventorrents of high-quality movies has drawn thousands of unique users a day. However, we have heard recently that SevenTorrent has declared its retirement.

According to news, SevenTorrents has applied for retirement due to the continued struggle against copyright lawsuits, limits, domain bans, and other legal problems that have created major obstacles to successful web management. The fans of SevenTorrents were saddened by their retirement news. However, the members of Seven Torrents have recently announced that they have moved their domains to another website known as “WatchSoMuch.”


WatchSoMuch is a breath of fresh air for the fans of SevenTorrents who have been devastated by the retirement headlines. According to SevenTorrents representative, “SevenTorrents users will continue to use their WatchSoMuch account with the same password and enjoy it.” WatchSoMuch proxy offers a simpler user experience that is also mobile-friendly. The website also features a smarter online search method that allows browsing more effective and reliable. It is also predicted that WatchSoMuch will follow a more “safe path” to torrents so that torrent fans can face less downtime.

Seventorrent Alternatives:

Seventorrents alternatives


No list of existing unrestricted free torrent sites will be complete without including the Pirate Bay torrents. Created in Sweden, Pirate Bay became the first unrestricted torrent website of all time in the early 2000s. Millions of people worldwide have used Pirate Bay to download videos, TV shows, sports, songs, documentaries, e-books, etc. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that this website is one of your best bets to browse free online content due to its enormous torrent stream. Sadly, not everyone will use this forum because of prohibitions in countries such as Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Ireland. Nonetheless, this does not appear to impact the success and development of the website.


if it’s HD Video torrents that you’re after, then YIFY Torrents has a comprehensive video library to sell. This torrent site is popular not only for its giant movie torrent index, but you’ll also be surprised by the file size of each torrent. YIFY Torrent is one of the few torrent platforms offering HD video videos with the smallest file size. The website is famous for its easy-to-download torrents and a simple user interface. When you think about the best option of SevenTorrents with the highest price and variety of content, YIFY is giving Seven Torrents a tough competition.


If you’re a veteran torrent downloader, you may even learn about ISO Hunt. But, if you’re new to the torrent scene, let us connect you to one of the biggest groundbreaking collections of free torrents. Unfortunately, the original ISO hunting model was introduced as a result of legal action by the MPA in October 2013. Nonetheless, luckily for us, new sites like ISOHunt.to appeared shortly after that to provide us with much, if not many, of the material that the initial ISO Hunt servers had to deliver.


Torrent websites have become very popular with a simple and often confusing interface that affects their usability. SeedPeer is a free torrent platform that violates this tradition by providing a more user-friendly interface and features.

Fast navigation and a fantastic search engine tool are good for those of you who are new to torrent downloads. The material available on the website is classified and subcategorized for the ease of the user.


If you compare any of the alternatives to Seven Torrent in this series, Zooqle will stand out as a newcomer to this industry. However, despite its late entrance into the competition, Zooqle has a lot to give in the form of a huge archive of checked torrents. We are looking forward to a bright future for Zooqle because of its innovative edge-a a special sophisticated search engine with plenty of filters and more detailed search results. This also caters primarily to users hunting for videos and popular Television torrents.

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LimeTorrents is your simple website, no-frills, and no glitch-free torrent. Limetorrents.cc successfully fills the hole left behind by closing down SevenTorrent. The website provides a wide collection of videos, TV programs, documentaries, and many more. LimeTorrents has won us over with the quality of content available on the website and the ease of the user interface. LimeTorrent is available on various official URL extensions, including –.asia,.zone,.co, and.com, to prevent any issues their users encounter when accessing the site.


TorLock sets itself apart with most other torrent platforms by providing only authenticated torrents, which means that anytime you access a torrent from TorLock, you can be confident that your file won’t come with an unpleasant surprise in the form of malware. The people behind the website are so optimistic that they’re willing to cost you $1 for any false or unverified torrent you find on the internet.


If you want to share movie torrents, but are mindful that the torrent platform is free and secure, then SkyTorrents won’t let you down. However, its users complain about the small movies and series repositories on this torrent website. But you can’t think a lot about it, because healthy torrenting comes with its cons.

The great thing about SkyTorrent is you’re not going to be bombarded with advertisements. So, when you’re downloading your favorite torrents from SkyTorrent, not only are you free to think about data protection, but you can also enjoy an ad-free experience.


EZTV is one of today’s most popular torrent websites. EZTV is one of the top 1000 Alexa websites. This torrent platform is renowned for its huge archive of episodes. Users will create an EZTV account that helps you to add your favorite torrents to your account. The EZTV website has a straightforward architecture with a simple interface. You should find all the information you like about the torrent, and the user interface is also satisfactory. To keep track of the new posted episodes, users can keep up-to-date with the “Countdown List” of EZTV.

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