How To Use Pokecord And Spawn Pokemon With It


What is Pokecord?

Pokecord is a highly detailed Discord Bot, which enables you to catch, combat and exchange Pokemon! Each bot can automatically spawn a pokemon on a channel specified in a participating conflict, instead of tossing Poke Balls. Pokemon’s image is shown, but it’s not the title. It is your duty to answer as soon as possible with your email. Whoever gets the Pokemon second!

It’s a bot that you can pick up, fight, swap and buy Pokemon! Your selection will follow you on any database that contains the Pokecord bot.

Let’s Start The Pokecord?

Let’s Start The Pokecord?

At first, you must go to a Discord database where the bot is mounted. The’ Pokecord BOT’ should be shown in the client members list. Use the p!start command once you’re on a server. You can choose your Pokemon initialization. You can start capturing Pokemon as well!

You’ll want to do a couple of commands after you selected your candidate. The first is “p!detailed,” which provides more information about your Pokemon when using commands such as “p!pokemon” or “p!info.” You may want to do the other one “p!order IV.” It is helpful to choose the Pokemon by the maximum IV, which ones to level up and fight back.

p!start:  This is the game that reaches you. Until capturing any Pokemon, you must first use this instruction.

p!info: You will be asked to pick a begin Pokemon after completing the start order. All of the ages can be picked from any novice.

p!help: A number of options can be provided on which to convey a message. You don’t do the bot message back; the order must be inserted in a Discord channel sponsored by Pokecord.

Catching Pokemon

Many servers operating bot have a certain room to spawn Pokemon (some have spawns). It is usually referred to as “wild” or something. You need to enter the command “p!catch <Pokemon Name>,” once you see a spawn. You need to try it and catch it. Where < Pokemon Name > is listed, you type in anything the name of the Pokemon you gave rise to. Yes, by the shown image you need to learn the Pokemon titles.

After a little while, you can use the “p!hint” button, if nobody has captured a Pokemon, to give you an idea of the pokemon.

Remember that only the most RECENTLY spawned Pokemon can be captured. Sometimes a specific Pokemon spawns after one not yet killed. You can’t catch the previous Pokemon if this occurs.

 How to Get Pokemon to Spawn

You may find that Pokemon doesn’t spawn very often when you are playing on a tiny computer. The spawning of Pokemon is dependent on how many people send messages to the server. The more emails are sent, the greater the number of Pokemon. This may be difficult, but it’s the only fair way to do it, sadly. You will only want to go to the official Pokecord website to capture all of them if you know your Pokemon and are a fast typist!

How To View My Pokemon

How To View My Pokemon

You will like to use the “p.”pokemon” command when you want to see all the Pokemon that you have caught. In any order you’ve picked with “p!order” command this will reveal your Pokemon.

How to level My Pokemon: by talking to other users on a Pokecord network, you can level up your Pokemon (you can buy Special Dough from the store, too). The lower the Pokemon scores, the more messages you receive. However, you will only level the Pokemon that you have chosen. To select Pokemon to level, use “p! pokemon —name” to find a specific number of Pokemon, and then select “p!pokemon < Pokemon Nume >” to select it. to select the Pokemon number.

Catching Pokemon Tips

Catching Pokemon is the most important part of the pokecord! I’ll mention a couple of suggestions that could help you grab some. But, before I go into this, let me describe a few words you could see in chat occasionally. These phrases were’ sniper’ or’ sniper.’ We all say how you stay in chat and wait for Pokemon to spawn without dealing with the conversation. This is counter to guidelines on some servers but please read them in advance so that the servers do not preclude you.

One of these issues the official client doesn’t worry for because it does not even slow down spawning either, because so much conversation is going on.

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