Does Speed Matter in Search Engine Optimization – SEO?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) includes all the strategies which can boost visitors on site. After which search engines increase the ranking of that specific site. Hence, SEO is the method of skyrocketing the standard and quantity of website traffic. 

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Further, this strategy increases the clarity of an internet page to the visitor of a specific site. More precisely, SEO refers to the advancement of will free results (“natural” or “organic” results). Also, it ignores direct visitors and acquisition of paid induction. This SEO may spot differing types of searches. For instance,  image search, video search, academic search, etc.

In line with said aspects, we are now going to discuss whether speed matters in SEO? To do so, we will also consider some examples from the NJ SEO company

Speed Is The Key

You already know that page-loading speed is very important. It’d be the foremost important thing you’ll be able to ensure that is it working well on your site? Yup, even more, important than a number of features. Thus, due to said reasons, speed plays a vital role in SEO. 

What Does Wolfgang 2016 Say About Speed?

According to Wolfgang 2016 study, According to Wolfgang 2016 study,  speed matters over any of the web site engagement metrics. ‘Server response time’ enjoys a conversion rate correlation 3 times stronger than the simplest engagement metric, ‘average session duration’. Because site speed may be an SEO ranking factor, smart digital marketers can take pleasure in a ‘site speed multiplier effect. It works in a way as the faster site earns more traffic combined with a better conversion rate.

How Does NJ SEO Company Boost Speed?

NJ SEO Company is one of the leading content marketing companies in New Jersey. Also, it has almost 12 years of experience in the field. Moreover, the firm can customize an SEO strategy for your website. By creating friendly content, the firm gathers incoming links. Thus, it helps to maximize your productivity and business growth.

It can get huge traffic on your website by making relevant content. NJ SEO Company uses some strategies to boost speed on your website. These strategies include adding visual cues and animations. In addition to this, they also stress upon adding some key components to your websites. Also, they can create SEO based content according to your demand and needs.

Other than all these, NJ SEO Company follows other cool tactics to optimize your business. Thus, their content can make your website number one on google. 

Impacts Of Speed In Seo

As an average Server interval is 0.76 seconds, there is a strong relationship between response times and conversion rates. This suggests for every two-tenths of a second you shave off your server interval you’ll be able to expect to determine an 8% lift in conversion rate. Unsurprisingly, there was also a powerful relation between high server interval and a high bounce rate.

General Speed While Loading a Page

The average page load time is 6.5 seconds. Therefore this can be significantly slower than the two seconds threshold for e-commerce websites. In contrast, Amazon’s research into site speed found that each 1-second delay reduces conversion rate by 7%. The 1-second delay in page response may result in an exceedingly 7% reduction in conversions.

Thus the average load time for mobile sites is 19 seconds over 3G connections. Whereas, 53% of mobile site visits are used if pages take more than 3 seconds to load. Similarly, sites that load in 5 seconds vs. 19 seconds were found to have 60% more viewers per visit. Other than this, they got 35% lower bounce rates.

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Impact of Speed While Attracting Customer

Speed gives the first impression to the customer. It plays a vital role on the internet. Also, it exposes visitors with rapid judgment about your site. Therefore, you must provide an honest impression to your customer if your computing device loads fast. 

On the other hand, if the speed of your website is slow, it’ll make people think that it’s not satisfactory. Or they might think that it is insecure. Or they might think that it is insecure.

Cascade Consequence

Slow site speed can affect SEO. It all works on the basis of algorithms. Moreover, the site speed reflects how quickly an internet site responds to web requests.

Why Do Pages Load Slowly?

Pages take time to load due to code bloat and non-optimized graphics. Also unexpected usage loads are one of the reasons. Sometimes, tag and codes bloat over time. After this, tags and other tools introduce third party code. Thud this content cannot be optimized.

The Importance of SEO

  • It is the key tool to get the crowd on the website
  • SEO plays a decisive role in online business websites additionally as other interactive sites
  • It regularly updates the content of the site.
  • Also, it brings repetitive users in the website
  • Above all, it helps the site to appear within the first five search results


The site is extremely important to the user experience. Pages with an extended load time suffer from higher bounce rate and lower average time on site; longer load times have a negative effect on conversation. 

The speed does affect SEO, it’s an instantaneous ranking sector, a fact known even better since google’s algorithm speed update although speed can affect ranking indirectly by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time.

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