What is Mangakakalot and why is everybody obsessed with it?


A Manga is a comic or a novel which was created in Japan. It is usually written in Japanese and the style was created way back in the 19th Century. This style dates back to Japanese art. It is a very popular culture in Japan and everybody religiously reads it. There are different genres of manga, such as drama, comedy, erotica, romance, horror, games, fantasy, science fiction and so many more. It is usually in a black and white print and also translated in various other languages. A colorful manga is also available in Japan. Mangas usually consists of many chapters and series. It may also be taken to TV if it is popular enough. Mangas which are visualized or animated are called Animes which are popular worldwide. People are obsessed with it because of the brilliant story and characters.

Why you should view Mangakakalot?

If you are somebody who is obsessed with Manga, then Mangakakalot is the right place for you. It is a website where you can digitally access any manga that you like. Though we agree that nothing can replace a book, just imagine a digital library where you can access anything online? Not only that you also save some money. is absolutely safe to use, free and has great speed so you can access whatever chapter or volume that you like.

A Manga novel or reading online – What is better?

Nothing can replace the feeling of opening a new book and reading it. You can touch it, open it anytime you like and take it along anywhere you want. Even in the washroom! It can be a little costly and time-consuming, but the ease of reading is better.

On the other hand, if you read manga online on Mangakakalot, then you do not need to waste time scrolling through shops or libraries. With one click, you can easily open up whichever manga you want to read, the chapter and the volume. It is also free to read online, so you are saving money. However, reading for such a long time and without a break may hurt your eyes. You cannot take it everywhere along and you need to charge your digital devices too. So, it can be a little limiting. In the end, it depends upon which version you would like, but online is far better.

How popular is this site really?

Since Manga has been getting a lot of views and readers from across the world, the demand has increased for online library and digital portals where one can access all the mangas, chapters and volumes. Mangakakalot has quickly become one of those sites to provide such entertainment to the masses. One thing to be noted is, that manga is now no more limited to Japan only. The phenomenon is now spread globally which can be proved by the website’s statistics. In the USA, it is ranked at the 688th position, while globally it ranks at 1,075 which keeps on improving.

Since July 2018, the website’s views have been only increasing. There is no downfall to be seen in the near future. It proves the point that how globally people are interested and giving in to the Manga obsession. 29.2% of visitors belong to the USA, while only 5% from Japan. Which is quite funny if you consider the fact that Japan is where Manga actually was born. Rest other countries where it is seen includes Thailand, India, and Canada. On a daily basis, Mangakakalot has a 33.7% Bounce rate which keeps on fluctuating but is still enough to get the ball rolling.

Where are the visitors from basically?

Although it is viewed across the globe, Mangakakalot has major fandom in the USA. Almost 29.2% of US population is aware of this site. Ironically though, Japan has only 5% visitors which is funny, considering the fact that Japan is its homeland. Other countries that are included in the list of visitors include India, Canada, and Thailand, all having around 3% of visitors.

Usually, people end up on this site when they search for the desired manga on a search engine. For example, when they search for keywords such as read manga, manga online, free manga, read manga online and many more. All of these common keywords redirect users to Mangakakalot home page.

Websites linked to Mangakakalot

People usually use as the search engine and look up for various keywords that link them to this website. For example, some links such as,, and are frequently linked to this website since they all have the name ‘manga’ in their beginning as well. It can be confusing for the users to find the perfect site, therefore search for the relevant keyword so you can find the website you were looking for.

Loading speed of

Since any online Manga library holds a large number of chapters, volumes of books, novels, magazine and comics, they can slow down. They are free to access and available all over the world, due to which there is usually a lot of traffic. Such websites need to be equipped with some heavy servers so that they can avoid any circumstances. Surprisingly, is quite fast and it will respond to your queries easily. The page does not hang while loading or while reading which makes the reading experience easy. You can quickly jump from chapters to chapters without a hassle.


So, if you are a Manga fan you will probably be searching for an extraordinary great website to have a great reading experience. There are plenty of websites out there which offer great manga to read. But, before you have a look we suggest you search some good one on google engine and you will find Mangakakalot’s name there. There is a reason why this website is so famous amongst the masses and not just limited to Japan, but all over the world.

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