Krowd Darden App Download, Login – [Updated 2019]


A KrowD app is an app that is specially designed for the purpose of accessing information easily. It is used by a group of employees, especially in restaurants. Employees use this app for the fastest and easiest access to information. Because of the fast access to the information, the functionalities that make the system run gets even better.

It is also used for keeping news of your company and to keep yourself and other people updated with ongoing things and work. In short, KrowD is using for sending you the real-time notifications of the activities that are happening or occurring. You can also view your schedules here and view them later on. You can send messages to the people through this app. You can assign the duties and shifts of the people by the use of this KrowD app.

KrowD Darden App or Login Online

This article is basically a guide in which I will show you the step by step procedure of downloading KrowD. I will be explaining the method of download in both platforms; in Android and an iPhone. So carefully understand every single step and enjoy the amazing and exciting features of this app.


Android Version

KrowD app supports many Android versions like Marshmallow (6.0), Lollipop (5.0), and Nougat (7.0). The Android versions of KitKat or that of that are earlier than KitKat are not compatible and are not supported with this app.

Method Of Downloading KrowD App In Android

Method of Registration to KrowDè In order to download KrowD app in your smartphone, first of all, you have to create your KrowD account by visiting their desktop site.  After visiting this site, register yourself to create an account, when your registration gets complete, you will be receiving an ID. Now in order to sign in to the app, you will be required to create a proper password.

Method of Downloadèhere are the steps given by which you can download the KrowD app:

1. Go to in the browser of your choice.

2. The above-given link will redirect you to the login page of KrowD app. Here you will be required to enter the username and password that you created at the time of registration that I have mentioned above.

3. If you don’t have any Username or password or in short a KrowD account then you will have to register your account then click on the Activate Account and create your account for KrowD app.

4. After signing in to your account, answer all the security questions.

5. Click on the Download button

6. Click Start.

7. It will be free access.

8. You will be assigned with the free directories and maps.

9. Finish.

Method Of Downloading KrowD App In iPhone

Here I am providing step by step method by which you can download KrowD app in your iPhone as it is quite compatible on iPhone platform:

1. Go to your iTunes store.

2. Enter your Apple ID and your iTunes password.

3. Go to KrowD app.

4. This will redirect you to the home screen of KrowD app.

5. Click on start download.

6. Note the blue circle that appears on your screen as you click on the download button.

7. As the blue circle gets filled, you will see the app installed into your iPhone.

8. Turn on the updates.

9. Finish.


From the above-given explanation, it is concluded that there is a complete change method for downloading the same KrowD app in android and in an iPhone.  It’s good to turn on updates of KrowD app. And the process or the method of download cannot be replicated on any other platform.

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