All You Need To Know About Kreygasm


Kreygasm is basically an emotion and expression of extreme and intense pleasure or happiness. It a very strong emotion. Whenever something incredibly great happens, people are likely to use this emotion.  Kreygasm is basically considered as a part of the series on the Twitch.

In this article, I will let my readers know about Kreygasm in detail as many of you are still unfamiliar with this thing.  I will briefly describe its use, its origin and how it gets widespread and popular in a shorter period of time.

What Is Kreygasm?

It is basically an intense emotion that features a portrait of a Twitch streamer.  On the service of video streaming, it is often used in chats. This emotion indicates an intense emotion of pleasure, joy, and happiness.

Origin Of Kreygasm:

It was basically originated in 2014. In the year of 2014, Kreg submitted the very first original Kreygasm. They handed over this original Kreygasm to the service of the video streaming.

How Kreygasm Got Spread?

It was basically launched in July of 2013. The launch took place at the page of a Facebook. The title of the page was “Kreygasm”. Later on then on 15th of August, a document that contained ASCII art version of Kreygasm was then uploaded to a place named as “Pastebin”.

Later on, the ASCII was highlighted on the ASCII blog of the Twitch.  It was not much famous or popular this moment but then a news blog mentioned about Kreygasm in their article and it got popular among so many people.


Twitch is one of the most famous and popular platforms for video streaming. It has a photographic language which is quite different from that of your keyboard.  Nowadays more and more people are likely to visit the website of twitch in order to enjoy their favorite video game streaming, to enjoy some amazing and exciting features of chat and the list of intense emotions it contains.

This platform is most especially designed for the content of gaming. The best point about twitch streaming service is that instead of selecting emotions from your keyboard, you can just put a phrase over there and the service will convert that phrase into an image as it has an extreme connection with the image. For example, if a person type “gun” a picture of a gun will appear there.

The users or the viewers have the privilege of using multiple emotions at the same time. Twitch has played a great role in the creation of intense emotions in the early days. Now a large portion of these emotions are created by the company of the streamers who by themselves create this picture of intense emotions and then presents them to the community and  group of people,


From the above-given explanation, it is concluded that Kreygasm is the sign of an intense emotion that expresses a strong feeling of joy and happiness. It is carried out by the company of video streaming service named as Twitch.

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