10 Smart and Easy Ways to Earn Money Sitting at Home

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Everyone has received an email with the theme: “Do nothing and get a thousand dollars a day?” Obviously, it’s better to stay away from such offers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money on the internet, that too while sitting at home. Today we’re going to give you some really profitable ideas to get you started.

It is possible to make money sitting at home – web development, editorial services, copywriting, and website optimization are lucrative occupations. In addition, you can do work as a translator or even a teacher. So let’s look closer at some opportunities where you can easily earn good money sitting at home.

1. Freelance Activities

This option is suitable for those who want to provide technical or administrative support. One of the resources with different activities is Upwork. You can choose a job suitable for your level of expertise. The main drawback is that you need to look for opportunities every time, it’s not constant employment.

Usually, it is work that can be done from home. It includes web development, editing services, copywriting, website optimization. 

Content writing and editing are some of the most popular ways to earn money remotely. Every student can apply for a job as a writer or editor to online academic companies like EssayPro. Apart from making some good money, you can boost your academic research skills.

2. Online Translations 

It is not so difficult for foreign language experts to find ways to make money on the internet. In particular, if a person speaks several languages, they can find enough orders for online translations. You can find a job on numerous freelance stocks. 

3. Text Transcription 

This job is not for everyone because it requires a lot of patience. Here, you will have to listen to an audio or watch some videos, and then write down everything said. Therefore, a person needs to understand different accents or be proficient in a foreign language. 

Sometimes you can find harder tasks, but in such a case, the order will be more expensive. For example, rewriting a handwritten text from a picture.

4. Sale of Art 


Making unique handmade products, knitting clothes, painting vases, or dishes can be turned into your own business. For example, on websites like ArtFire or Etsy, people sell thousands of handmade products. In addition, Facebook or Instagram are excellent platforms for self-promotion.

5. Online Lessons 

A lot of teachers have relocated to the internet. Nowadays, you can learn and teach any skill online. Depending on skills and experience, you can develop your own training courses in the category of knowledge in which you specialize. Anything, from web-design to a foreign language, can be taught via Skype.

6. Sale of Your Old Things

There are hundreds of online services with which you can easily sell your unwanted items. For example, if you have an old useless phone, you can sell it on eBay or another service. These are websites with free posting. Almost all of them have mobile applications. So old and unnecessary things such as CDs, books, clothes, toys can be easily turned into money. 

7. Sale of Photos Online

Photographers can sell their works on different platforms. Do you like to take pictures? Do you manage to take quite successful shots? 

If so, you can easily make some quick money on sites such as iStockPhoto, CreativeMarket, and Depositphotos. People need different photos for online and print publications. So the demand for such work is not expected to decline anytime soon.

8. Guest Writing

sitting at home

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can write guest posts for successful bloggers. They are willing to pay for a post written by a professional. Bloggers with a big audience who make good money on this would rather pay then stain their reputation. You can get around $500 for just one article!

Remember that no matter how simple it sounds, good money for guest blogging can only be obtained if you are a real expert in your field. No one will pay for bad articles.

9. Magazine With An Online Newsletter

If you don’t want to post daily (as a blogger does) or sit for weeks or months writing a book, then you should choose the legendary golden mean. That is to submit content in the form of a magazine without any investments.

You can create a newsletter (or an e-magazine) and offer people to subscribe to it for free. Websites such as Aweber and MailChimp can help you manage subscriptions and send newsletters. If successful, you can advertise in your newsletter or find a sponsor for it.

10. Posting Your Videos on YouTube

sitting at home

This is the world’s largest video sharing service. Create your own videos and share them with the world. What’s more, they’ll help you earn money!

You can shoot a small video clip with your mobile phone, handheld, or professional camcorder. Or you can make a stop-motion from pictures on your computer. Or create animated videos and workshops. Once you’re ready with your content, upload it to YouTube and monetize it. While watching your video, people will see ads, making you profit. 

Final Words

It is possible to make money from your home. And the income can be much higher than you get on your main job outside the internet. Some ways are more profitable; others make you less. Some require a lot of effort and knowledge, while others can be handled even by a middle-schooler. You just need to try, and you will probably find one easy way to earn money sitting at home.

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