What is the Difference Between Nic Salt and Nic Shots


The nic salts were introduced back in the year 2018. And soon after their introduction to the market, they hit the success like a powerful rocket hitting the sky. In other words, nic-salts were a huge success and everyone is praising the new formula with the smoother throat hit and enriched with flavor. 

Before the introduction of nic salts, every vaper out there was using nic-shots. If you have read this term for the first time, then it is okay. Sit back and read the difference between nic-salts and nic shots. Especially beginners, who are planning to step in the new vaping world should be well aware of all the terms and their usage. 

Nic- Salts: 

Basically, nic-salts e liquids are not much different from the freebase nicotine that we used in normal vaping. The free base nicotine is in its purest forms. But in nic- salts this form of the nicotine is added up with the vaping liquid to give a much better taste and more fun experience of vaping. Nic-salts e liquids have less throat hit but it has more flavor enriched smoke. Nic-salts are introduced for the heavy smokers, wor the individuals who have just switched to vaping. Nic-salts are best to fulfill your nicotine demands and are more soothing. 

Well, there is a variety of nic-salts e liquids available in the market as well as in online stores. 

Nic-salts right for you or not? 

If you are a beginner than starting with low devices and nic-salts are the best things. It is recommended to switch to the higher voltage devices step by step. In case it is difficult for you to decide that either nic-salts are best for you or not? Ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Are you looking for heavy smoking? 
  • Do you want more nicotine every time you smoke? 
  • Do you want smooth vaping or not? 
  • Whatis your budget? Are you capable to afford nic-salt juices? 
  • Do you need massive smoke clouds? 

The safest thing is to concern some vaping experts and then decide with you want to start up with nic-salt e juices or from freebase nicotine? 

Nic- Shoots or Nic Boosters: 

The term “nic-shot” or “nic supporter” is generally given to a 10ml container of flavorless 18mg nicotine quality PG/VG arrangement, which is added to a short fill. or you can also add it up to a nicotine-free bottle of e-liquid. in other words, we can say that A short fill is e-fluid with no nicotine in a container that has additional room for a nicotine shot or for nic-booster.  generally, these shot fill e-liquids are present in a 60ml container which has 50ml of e-fluid that can be found at any e-liquid store. in addition to that, it has enough space for you to include a 10ml nic shot. 

nic-shots can give a lot of e-liquid experience and the best thing is that they are not heavy on pocket at all. and the best part is, you don’t need to stress what quality it is since you can blend your own.

There is a number of online stores that are offering the best quality nic-shots. But for me, ZAP nic-shots are best among all. There are a variety of flavors available at very affordable prices. 

Nic salts Vs Nic Shots: 

Though there has been a tough competition between nic-shots and nic-salts but in my opinion nic-salts are the winner of course. According to one research conducted it is stated that90% vapers believe that nic-salts are better than nic-shots. As they give more nicotine enriched smoke and have no harmful effects on health as well. 

So the final verdict says that nic-salt e juices are better than freebase nicotine and nic shots.

What do you think is better nic salts or nic shots? 

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