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Desert Plants Names And Pictures

desert plants names and pictures

Desert plants are those plants that stay in an environment of an arid region where there is a deficiency of water and have an extremely little rainfall. Desert plants are well known for storing water in their tissues and helps in the reduction of transpiration. One should not underestimate the beauty of deserted plants; these plants are very beautiful flowering plants.

In this article, I will be mentioning some latest desert plants names and pictures. I will also provide a bit of description with each desert plant as well. So keep up reading and get exciting knowledge about desert planting.

Desert Plants

1. Greasewood plant

Description: it belongs from the family of Chenopodiaceae plants. Another name for this desert plant is chicowood or black greasewood. It is round about 3-7 feet high and the leaves of this plant are almost 1 inch long. Its flowers show green color for female and rosy red color for the males. It grows in alkaline soil and its flowers appear in summer and spring season. It is well known for the extraction of the natural herbal.


2. Blue Phacelia

Description: Other names for this desert plant are scorpionweed and wild heliotrope. The leaves are fern-like and are green in color and the flowers are bell-like and are blue in color. It is 1-3 feet tall and it resembles much with the scorpion. The flowers of this desert plant bloom from February and end in June.


3. Desert Paintbrush

Description: it belongs to Scrophulariaceae family of plants. The plant is round about 4-16 inches long and leaves are a 1-2 inch long. Its flowers are reddish-orange in color and it blooms from April to August.


4. Ghost Plant

Description: it is one of the most popular plants that people use nowadays. The color of a ghost plant is dependent upon an intensity of the sunlight. This plant is so easy in taking its care as it needs nothing. In spring the color of flowers turns into bright yellow color whereas sometimes its color may vary from blue, gray to pink and yellow.


5.Mexican thread grass

Description: This is one of the most beautiful thread grasses. It’s really soft. It grows in landscape form. People usually use this at the border of their garden. In spring, it grows new leaves and in summer it stops growing new leaves. It will begin to grow once the temperature cools down.


6. Hedgehog cactus

Description: it belongs to the cactaceae family of plants. It is 1 foot long. It has cylindrical stems that are green in color.  It is 1-2 inches long and its flowers are cup-shaped. It blooms from April to June. The flower opens up at night.



So in the above-given article, I provided names and descriptions along with the pictures of the plants that grow in the desert. So it is concluded that each and every single plant that grows in the desert has its own specialty, nature, size, feature, and time duration in which it will bloom.

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